Monthly Archives: January 2013

A shout out to Mom and Dad

I’m fresh back from a soul nurturing visit home with brother and sister. I always get fed with unconditional love there. God loves me especially well through my family. It was a good time there and hard to leave. I can see mom and dad in each of us. They gave so much love to us with beautiful life lessons. I miss them both. The comfort is knowing they are with God and God is in turn with me bringing all that love back again and again. Thank you, oh most holy One, for your love and a shout out to Gerald and Beatrice Clifton, the best parents ever!


trees1000x750   I’ve been noticing the bare trees and their beauty. I especially like seeing the blue sky behind the branches. Lovely. It got me to thinking that there is still life in those dormant trees. It reminds me that even when things seem slow and I don’t feel like I’m making much progress, God is working. The living God is always with me giving me life.

And So It Begins

Welcome to my blog!  I plan to share thoughts on many subjects. Some may seem stream of consciousness but I hope they can help me practice the ministry of Spiritual Direction more fully. It is my belief that God, The Holy, Force of Life interacts with us in all aspects of life.  Our task to become more fully aware, to awaken to the Divine Presence and to open up to it, by paying attention.