Monthly Archives: February 2013


We had a wonderful Ash Wednesday service at church this week. It marks the beginning of Lent, a time of reflection and realigning our lives with God at center. I like to think about how I have managed to keep God as my center and how I have let myself fall off the path. It is a good time to pray.

We are deep in winter but with weird weather. In some ways I long for snow, maybe tonight…

I saw God today

True friends are rare and enrich your life by their very presence. Today I spent time with a friend who let me be myself and listened as I shared some hurts and some irritations. I never felt judged. I spoke the truth without fear that I’d lose my friend. This blessing reminds me that God’s love is often carried to us in the form of a simple gesture like a touch, a smile, a shared idea, or eye contact. The holy presence is so evident in these special caring persons.