Monthly Archives: June 2013

On Being Tired

After a very busy month and  the most recent event, church camp, I am tired. I suppose it is the body’s response to being “on” for so long.  I just needed to stop and rest but I didn’t take much of a break since I had responsibilities at my home church.  Today I walked an outdoor labyrinth and felt renewal.  So many things were still hanging in thoughts from the past month.  As I walked I was able to put them aside so that I could focus on my upcoming retreat.  I felt the burdens lifting from me and a lightness has entered me.  I believe I will sleep better tonight.  I can finish preparations and participate fully in the retreat where I can rest in God along with my sisters in Christ.

Being tired for good reasons is fine but recharging is very important. I talk about centering and renewal of spirit to my directees and I know that these things are vital to health. Today I practiced what I preached and am grateful for the graces given. We all need time with God daily and sometimes in retreat.