Monthly Archives: July 2013

Mothers and sons

This week my son and I took a trip. Not the kind of trip I was expecting.  He ended up in the emergency room and needed to have his appendix removed.  There was a time in there that I was actually scared.  People can die from a ruptured appendix. I know because my grandfather did.  With antibiotics and good care he will be leaving the hospital today and I am so relieved.  The hardest part of the whole ordeal for me was watching my son suffer the pain. I thank God for pain medication!  You never want you child to suffer, even as an adult.  It got me to thinking about how your love for you child binds you to them forever.  Yes, he is an adult and can be on his own, but still your first inclination is to take care of him.  He would have been okay had I not been there but I am so glad I could be with his through this. I think he was glad as well.

I had such a special time with my daughter only a couple of weeks ago and now I’ve had a special time with my son under very different circumstances.  I am blessed to be close to both my kids and I am grateful. BUT I would rather have a road trip with my son. <smile>

*O wondrous God, You bless me every day with your love made known the relationships with my children and my spouse.  Thank you for your presence in my life and in theirs.  As I move in my daily life help me to be more and more aware of You.  Amen*

Mothers and Daughters

I am excitedly awaiting the arrival of my daughter this week.  She has been living in another state attending graduate school.  This separation isn’t as hard as her first venture into independence right after high school when my precious child decided that New York City was the place for her. That big city, my little girl…well she not only survived but developed into a very savvy, cosmopolitan woman which grace and style and a degree!  It was really fun getting to know my daughter as a woman.  She’s fun and yeah, I’m pretty proud of her.  Anyway, she is now on the other coast and making her way toward a career/vocation in an area she truly enjoys.  I miss her but technology allows us to be in as much contact as we wish.  I remember writing letters to my mom when I moved half way across the country.  Times have changed and we can call, text, and Skype frequently.

I’m not going to pretend that all mothers and daughters have this relationship but I am going to say that I am very happy that we do.  I had the same kind of relationship with my own mother.  After  getting past the teenage angst, there is a mutual respect and caring for one another that makes time together precious and cherished.  So in a few days we get to see each other and bonus!  We are going on a road trip! Just the two of us.  Bet you can tell I’m looking forward to this.  I am grateful for every moment and it reminds me of the great times I had with mom, traveling and sharing time. There’s nothing like it.  There is something sacred about it.

For me, it is easy to view God as Mother.  The bonds between mother and child are so strong, of necessity and the relationship between God and us is a lot like that. The image of coming from God as a child from the womb is compelling.  It helps me to understand how much God cares, loves, feels responsible, and wants the very best for each of us.  A nice image for me.  Makes me smile.