Monthly Archives: September 2013

Disturbing story

I read this article in the Washington Post a day ago and have been very upset about it since. WashingtonPost article  This predatory behavior is so unjust. The gist of the article is that an elderly man with dementia lost his home because he forgot to pay a tax bill of $134. It was all legal but so clearly predatory. I believe that the government is in place for this very purpose – to protect the public, especially those vulnerable persons. The Washington Post investigated this practice. It made me sick. I had trouble sleeping wondering what I could possibly do about it. I think it is important to protect your family by watching out for the elderly when they start to lose memory.
If there are similar laws in your state ask the legislature to be vigilant against this kind of thing.

How is it possible to essentially pay $200,000 for a $134 debt? That is straight out theft. I don’t understand how any judge could allow it. It seems to be criminal. Even if the law allows it, there should be some ethical piece involved. I hope this article helps improve the law and protects the vulnerable. I can only hope that humanity will show more compassion and concern for others. I don’t deny that debts should be paid but not in this way.
Perhaps I will be able to sleep tonight.