Monthly Archives: January 2014


Last weekend Opening to the Sacred, the retreat ministry I share with a friend who is also a spiritual director, offered a retreat called Rest For Your Soul. We had a good group and it was a lovely day of exploring scripture, prayer, and reflection.                                                 Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon     you and learn from me, for I am gentle  and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.     Matthew 11:28-29

My partner considered the nature of aspen trees.  A stand or grove of aspens grows from a single seed.  It the the root system that spreads and the trees multiply in this way.  We related that to our connectedness as people of God.                                                                       For as the days of a tree , so will be the days of my people.  Isaiah 65:22b

It was a quiet, wisdom-filled and restful day.

Moved by the sharing of ideas and thoughts about the Matthew text, I  wrote a poem

      YOKED yoke

I thought a yoke was limiting
But it depends on the "yokees"
Being yoked to Christ means freedom
   Trusting in loving guidance.
We are led in the Way designed for us
   Specially and lovingly for us
Not sent where we don't want to go
But in the direction we must go 
   to fulfill our destiny
         Our own path but side by side
With the One who knows us 
         better than we know ourselves.
I will take your yoke and I learn from you
         In gratitude and humility
                In Awe
                      In love


Truth is I am glad to see 2013 end. What a year. There was much stress and anguish and grief yet I was able to get through it with the great comfort of knowing I was loved and supported by God. I felt this in the beautiful relationships I share. We tend to think of the difficult times and overlook those blessings that come to us in the midst of the trials. I am reminded of the joy of seeing my husband come home from work, of talking in the late evening with my son, of keeping up with my daughter by text and phone and sometimes Skype. I have good friends. There is music, worship, chats, puzzle making, enjoying the colors and shapes which surround us. I had the joy of being a prayer guide and of working with lovely people in spiritual direction. Even sitting in the hospital I was able to be grateful for medical technology and for people who care for the sick. So I am thankful that the challenges of 2013 are behind us and look forward to what might be in store for us in the new year. I pray that I will remain open to the grace and blessing we are given in abundance.