Monthly Archives: November 2014

Preparing for the Grand Jury Decision

There is tension in the air.  The whole area is waiting for the Grand Jury to come back with a decision on the Darren Wilson case.  Is there enough evidence to indict him and bring him to trial?  We are preparing for the worst.  Governor Nixon has called a state of emergency and activated the National Guard, clergy and other volunteers have been trained to help control crowds if there is unrest.  Pins and Needles.  People are very worried.

Churches in the area are providing 24 hour presence for those who need solace, prayer time, or just a place to go to talk or rest and be away from the news for a while.  I’m happy that my church is one of those offering this place of caring for the community.  There continue to be peaceful protests.  People are talking about the issues.

O God, please bring healing to your people.  Help us all to find ways to live together in peace, caring for one another. Strengthen relationships for a better future.  Amen