Monthly Archives: February 2016


There have always been bullies.  Yet it seems that the bullies today are getting meaner, uglier and relentless.  Social media has been a venue for horrible attacks on young persons and even adults.  There is a boldness that comes from feeling protected by the technology.  It scares me.

I ran across this music video recently and it was really uplifting.  It is called Love Yourself by Khari.

I wish every person could feel good about him/herself and revel in the person they are.  We are not all the same but unique and special in our own way.  God created someone beautiful and loves each one of us exactly as we are.  Our job is to find out how to be the best “me” we can be.  It starts by respecting who we are and not who someone else says we are supposed to be, or some ideal placed upon us by media or persons who think they know everything or trying to sell us something.  I am okay, I am a child of God, I am loved.  I can love myself.