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Month of Thanksgiving

image2    I am thankful for color! I have been so elated with the fall colors this year.    I     hIMG_3717aave seen so many gorgeous colors changed in sunlight and cloud. Even the browns are spectacular. I have seen brass and copper and gold. Yellow has been bold and intense. Reds, oranges, salmon etc.etc. Wonderful! image1The lateness of the change of color seems to have offered many multicolored trees. This takes my breath away. God, the Artist, painting an extraordinary canvas. It reminds me of the line from How Great Thou Art – “I scarce can take it in.”IMG_3661a

Fall Color

Fall color

Fall color

This fall colors in the American Midwest have been especially beautiful this year. I have been drawn to the yellows but I have seen so many shades of green, red, yellow, brown, and orange. This month I have talked about the senses on my webpage and the experiences I’ve had with color this past few weeks have put me in a place of peace and holiness. With so much chaos in the world and in our country I welcome the joy and comfort these fall colors bring. I find myself understanding the word “breathtaking”. At times my breath is taken away in a simple gasp as I am amazed at the absolute splendor of these glimpses of God’s creative spirit. As the wind blows and the sun dances on the leaves the colors change and what I see leaves me in awe. It soothes my soul and for a while I can bathe in the beauty surrounding me and forget the pain and sorrow and ugliness that beat me down. I am inspired, I feel renewed, I feel creative and nourished. Perhaps it is the enjoyment of such beauty that strengthens us to do our part in the work of making the world a better place. I am grateful for this.