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What should our nation be?

Hello. I am finally emerging from a place of despair. It has been quite a while since I last posted and the worst possible outcome for the election has occurred.  I could not have in my wildest imaginings predicted this outcome.

Our new president is so unfit for office yet a large enough number of people came out and voted for him that we are stuck with him and praying wholeheartedly that he will not destroy the country.  I cannot believe that people in the United States would not take the time to vote, would choose not to vote, or honestly thought Donald Trump would be okay in the highest office.  So far, he has done some crazy things.  He stands for only a few of the people of the country without regard to the rest of us. He even has betrayed those who voted for him.

I was truly in despair for a while but have focussed my energy on forms of resistance, care for others and limiting my “news” input.  There is such potential for damaging our country and taking steps backward in our progress.  It is encouraging that so many are engaging in peaceful forms of resistance.  There is serious dialogue about some of the most important challenges facing our nation.  Conversations about race and gender and injustice are far more frequent and meaningful.  The election of Donald trump may have in fact exposed some very deep injustices that have up until now been ignored.

The big question now should be what do you want your nation to be?  We can be a country which values all of its people or one that continues to enrich a small number at the expense of everyone else.  We can be a country that respects human dignity and sees all of its citizens as human beings wanting the same things for themselves and their children or we can continue to dismiss segments of society.  We can be a nation that supports a clean green world, even as we have to come to grips with the fact that we are responsible for the state we are in or we can continue polluting and denying the problems.  We can honor our constitution and hold that all citizens of the US have rights, including basic needs to support life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness or we can throw it out the window and treat some as expendable to provide a luxurious life for a few.

I would like our country to be a model to the world.  We have great resources. We should be a nation that excels in caring for our people. A place where hatred does not exist. We can call others out on human rights violations when we discontinue that here. We are great innovators, producers, manufacturers and developers.  We can reach great heights without diminishing others.  It would be great to see our economy flourish from bottom to top.  If our “poor” are still able to have a decent life, the wealthy can continue to build business and succeed.  But until there is no poverty in the U.S.  it is sinful for individuals and corporations to amass such wealth as is unusable. True positive Power comes from using wealth to improve the world.  Many in power now only horde wealth, or squander it.  There is so much potential for the United States.  I will continue to pray for a miracle – change of heart so that all people of our nation realize that when all are cared for, all of us benefit.  It would be a miracle if each person saw themselves as part of the human family and not as an entitled one.  I pray!


Oh God in Your mercy free us from ourselves.
Let us love.  Let hatred leave our thoughts.
Let forgiveness come to us and from us.
Open our hearts wide to embrace rather than shun.
Open our minds to understand that we are all human beings with needs.
Open our hands
To let go of some things that control us and
To grab on to things that make the world a better place
Open our mouths to speak the truth to ignorance and injustice
To give voice to those who currently have no voice
To encourage others to care
To offer words to uplift and support and not diminish or shame
Open our ears and eyes
To see the needs
To hear those who cry out for help
To witness the good in the world and make known the cruelties
To acknowledge and accept people in their desire to live their life freely
O Holy One, give us a sense of self worth that dictates our treatment of others.
Let us live our lives as if we know that each action matters
Let us behave as if every life on earth matters
And Let it explode throughout humanity



I am sitting at the computer working when a news flash catches my eye – Bombs going off in Boston? I stop to look at the news – it is like watching a movie.  Is this real?  The reports are sketchy but sensational, someone is dead, many injured.  They are talking about the Boston Marathon.  Thousands gather for the run and all the celebration and joy surrounding it. But as it is winding up a bomb filled with sharp pieces of metal and ball bearings explodes sending these things at high velocity into the flesh and bone of innocent people. There is talk of blood and the sounds of those in pain.  People are terrified. They run, but they help each other.  The police are there to help.  What was a scene of joy and triumph becomes chaotic and tearful.

What kind of person thinks up things like this?  Why would anyone ever want to cause so much damage to the fragile bodies of human beings?  Did they even consider that a child might be there?  These questions go through my mind.  I just can’t even imagine wanting to hurt others like that.  Protest, maybe.  Make a large sign perhaps but to hurt innocent people?  It simply does not make any sense to me.  There must be great pain to bring on such a lashing out.

As a person of faith I must consider that God is crying too.  Why do we do this to one another when God created us to be loving toward each other.  I pray for the people of Boston, and for all of us who are hearing about this tragedy.  Hopefully, the authors of such a nasty act will be found and apprehended and brought to justice.  God is likely weeping for them as well. Save us from ourselves. Still it is in these times that the good side of humanity also shines forth.  Hope survives. And yet, the rest of the world suffers worse atrocities, daily.  A reminder that we are all connected.  Maybe in our pain we will see theirs more clearly so that hope remains alive.