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How can we get away from all the fear mongering in our media and in our politics? I have just about had it with all the scary headlines designed to get people all riled up. I might even get active in a political party if it weren’t for the crazy notes they send trying to scare me into giving money. The thing that scares me most is that we are allowing this to happen because we think we have no say. We think that only the rich can influence how our government runs. This is not true. If people would take seriously their right to vote, especially those for whom the vote was secured by deep personal sacrifice, we might have a government as it was meant to be – of the people, by the people and for the people. Does anyone have any idea about how to get the populace to understand that they matter? During the presidential campaign in 2008 President Obama told us that one voice could make a difference. Do you think it is possible to shift a majority of those apathetic Americans from disinterest to active participation in the system? We are a country that is defined by its freedom yet only something like 58% of voting age persons voted in 2008, probably less in 2012. It should be nearer to 90% don’t you think? I know it is hard to believe that we have any voice but you don’t if you choose not to vote or tell your representatives what you think. Yes there is great influence by those with lots of money but it can be changed if enough persons joined together to support good legislation.